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Environmental Water Wells in New Mexico

Rodgers Environmental Services, an affiliate of Rodgers & Company, was formed in 1992 providing environmental ground water monitoring and cleanup. Since that time, Rodgers Environmental Services has gained extensive experience assisting with data collection for environmental investigations and installing ground water monitoring and contaminant recovery systems. Drilling crews routinely collect undisturbed soil samples, core samples and other environmental samples. Involvement in most environmental projects includes initial health and safety plans, scope development, cost projection, implementation and development, and well head completion and cleanup.

Well Rehabilitation

Well maintenance of older wells is an important part of Rodgers & Company’s business. Drilling a new well represents a large investment in time and money, so the cost benefit of rehabilitating an existing well can be significant. The time required to obtain a permit to drill a new well alone is enough justification to devote considerable resources to rehabilitating an old well.

Over time, wells can become encrusted with minerals that impedes water flow. Rehabilitation can involve cleaning by mechanical methods or a combination of mechanical and chemical techniques. Dislodging encrustation by brushing, scraping and then removing it by bailing or pumping is typically followed by acidizing to dissolve remaining encrustation. Analysis of pumping tests performed before and after treatment is the only way to evaluate the effectiveness of a well rehabilitation.

environment diagram - Water and Pump Specialist in Albuquerque NM
Environment Diagram - Water and Pump Specialist in Albuquerque NM
Industry - Water and Pump Specialist in Albuquerque NM
As a lead contractor for the New Mexico Environment Department, Rodgers Environmental Services has provided on-call and emergency drilling and well construction services for the State of New Mexico. Our crews are Hazardous Waste Operations Emergency Response (Hazwopper) trained in accordance with OSHA 1910.120 and BNSF railway safety-trained


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