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Water Well Services in New Mexico

Irrigation water wells - Water and Pump Specialist in Albuquerque NM


Irrigation Water Wells
The Rio Grande and its network of diversion dams and irrigation ditches depend on spring runoff from winter snowpack to supply enough water to irrigate. But during drought periods in already-dry New Mexico, water can be scarce. Since the 1950s, Rodgers & Company has drilled over a thousand irrigation wells to supplement surface water irrigation and to supply areas not served by irrigation canals. Typically, these irrigation wells are from 8 to 16 inches in diameter and 150 to 650 feet deep. Line shaft and submersible turbine pumps are used to bring the water to surface. Today, Rodgers & Company continues to install new irrigation wells, but is also is active in rehabilitating and maintaining older wells and pumps.
Presbyterian Hospital - Water and Pump Specialist in Albuquerque NM


Commercial Water Wells
Drilling in urban environments presents unique challenges. Noise abatement, working within the physical constraints of tight locations, dealing with overhead and underground utilities and safety issues are just some of the considerations that make many commercial projects more complicated. Rodgers & Company is experienced in operating in increasingly urban environments for a wide range of commercial and industrial clients including Kirtland Air Force Base, Sandia Labs, PNM, Presbyterian Hospital and countless others.

Rodgers & Company is one of the elite drilling firms in New Mexico with the proven expertise to drill deep wells for commercial clients and install high-capacity, sand-free water wells. Today, Albuquerque's growing business and industrial communities depend upon Rodgers & Company's installation and service capabilities.
municipal diagram - Water and Pump Specialist in Albuquerque NM


Municipal Water Wells
The majority of Rodgers & Company's large-capacity projects are water supply wells and pumping systems for municipalities and communities. The resulting wells have capacities up to several thousand gallons per minute (gpm). Large well construction often involves water quality testing, exotic materials such as stainless steel casing and screen, engineered filter pack materials and bentonite annular seals.

As the interest in exploring and exploiting deeper aquifers expands, Rodgers & Company has responded with larger and heavier tooling to safely work at these greater depths. Large diameter wells are typically drilled by the reverse rotary method utilizing a high-quality drilling fluid that ensures aquifer preservation, hole stability and ease of development. When drilling beyond 3,000 feet, the direct rotary method is employed.

With access to a complete line of pumps and motors, Rodgers & Company can supply and install pumping systems to match almost any condition. Our full service pump shop and experienced installers are able to respond quickly with the expertise needed to diagnose and solve pump problems and get the water running again.
home diagram - Water and Pump Specialist in Albuquerque NM
multi residential well diagram - Water and Pump Specialist in Albuquerque NM


Residential Water Wells
The standard residential well system from Rodgers & Company is guaranteed to deliver water that is sand free to the extent that it can be used for all domestic purposes. The system includes a 4-inch diameter PVC-cased well, submersible pump, pressure tank and control system; or mini pressure tank and variable speed pump controller. Some residential systems, in particular those that supply multiple homes, incorporate a static storage tank and booster pump.

Residential wells can range in depth from 150 to 1,200 feet depending on the location, water quality and depth of the aquifer. Regardless of the depth, each well is constructed using top-quality materials, including high-efficiency slotted casing, washed silica sand filter pack, Baroid© Bentonite and cement surface seals.


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